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Security B-sides Orlando is a community driven event seeking to bring together anyone with a passion for making, breaking, or protecting. We welcome newbies and experts and anyone in between. Even if you don’t work in information security, you will be sure to find topics of interest. Please join us on March 30th in Orlando, Florida, at Full Sail University for the 7th Annual Security B-Sides Orlando Conference.

This years conference theme is vaporwave. We are focusing on demos, scavengers hunts, workshops, and adventures that will challenge everyone. Look for references to rolled up suit jackets and music from when synthesizers ruled! We want everyone to get their "hands dirty" and learn more with Demos, CTFs, and how to build your career in Information Security.

Everyone is welcome from the curious to the seasoned pro!

Students Tickets are Free with Student ID. Speciality badges and event t-shirts are included for all paying attendees. T-shirts and badges for students are subject to availability after paying attendees receive their challenge badge and event shirt.

If you would like to make sure every student gets a t-shirt and challenge badge we have sponsorship opportunities, send an email to sponsor@bsidesorlando.org

For more details visit http://bsidesorlando.org

Attendee (While Tickets Remain) $20.00

This is the regular ticket for BSides Orlando. Cost at door will remain $20. Attendees are first come first serve for swag at registration! Tickets are non-refundable, but certainly re-sell-able and gift-able.

Gold Gold Level 37 Tickets Remaining $100.00

Gold level donation signifies donation level on badge as a thank you for going the super extra mile! Additionally, Gold level guarantees swag! Tickets are non-refundable, but certainly re-sell-able and gift-able.

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Silver level donation signifies donation level on badge as a thank you for going the extra mile! Additionally, Silver level guarantees swag! Tickets are non-refundable, but certainly re-sell-able and gift-able.

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This is a free ticket for students only. You MUST have your student ID at registration. IMPORTANT: Shirts and swag are prioritized for paying attendees, students can pick up shirts and swag on a first come first serve basis after all paying attendees receive shirts and swag. If availability of shirts and swag is an issue they will be given out to students after noon on the day of the event.


B-Sides Orlando Workshops - Must have event ticket to participate in workshops

Introduction to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) 37 Tickets Remaining $50.00

This four-hour workshop starts with an introduction to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and progresses into gathering information from social media and other sources that businesses use.

The course will also touch on use case scenarios that include threat intelligence, reconnaissance, and social engineering. We will discuss "People OSINT" and "Business OSINT."

The only thing required for this course is an open mind, a computer (no specific operating system, although Kali or Buscador are ideal.), and an internet connection. Should you choose to use a vanilla Linux host, acquire the tools and API keys listed in this GitHub Repo: https://github.com/jocephus/ESEP

Capture The Flag 101 (CTF101) First 50 Tickets $0.00

Ever wanted to prove how badass of a hacker you are without the risk of federal incarceration? Or maybe you just want to hone your skills with realistic challenges often put together by industry professionals? Then you should compete in a CTF! CTF competitions are the ultimate test of technical know-how across a broad range of categories such as web exploitation, binary reverse engineering and exploitation, cryptography, and more. Sound cool? We'll be starting from the ground-up with no previous knowledge of CTF's required. You will walk away with an understanding of the CTF landscape, how and why to get involved, and of course there will be a mock CTF with example challenges that we will be solving together. You don't need to bring a laptop, but the mock CTF challenges will be accessible over the web and you can follow along (or skip ahead) on your own device if you want.

Additional Items

Additional Items for Purchase. Purchase of B-Sides Orlando event addmission required.

Tribe of Hackers Book (While Tickets Remain) $20.00

Pre-Purchase Tribe of Hackers: Cybersecurity Advice from the Best Hackers in the World by Marcus J. Carey and Jennifer Jin.

Marcus will be signing copies at B-Sides Orlando 2019. Only limited copies will be available the day of the event. If you pre-purchase your copy will be available at check-in.

You do not need to purchase a copy here to bring to the signing. Feel free to bring your own copy or one your purchased on Amazon for signing as well.


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